Home away from home

We walk about places like these almost every day.
Sometimes those walks take us all the way down Victoria Street to IKEA where they sell sweets. Daniel has finally been able to eat some Swedish liqourice.
Updating his journal.
Aaaaand cooking yummy quesadillas for us.
Made by D.
We play a lot of cards. Daniel has taught me how to play Chicago, so now we can vary with that. We've been playing Canadian Rummy and "Skitgubbe" (=shithead?) during the whole of the trip before this.
Made some burgers. Everyday I am happy to not eat tuna and spaghetti.
The lovely wooden balcony doors.
Where we spend a lot of our time eating, reading, playing music, playing cards, talking and CHILLING.
Yep. Definitely nice to have a homebase without other people. Gathering strength before we go to Asia.


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