Best thing I have ever done

We have saved ourselves so we could do the skydive in Mission Beach specifically as we'd heard it is one of the best places to do it. We got picked up at 7.15 and then got told that we were put on hold when we arrived because of all the clouds. There was only one group before us and after a few hours they got to go. We got called up and were all set to go on the second plane. We got geared up and we both got two really good tandempartners. I wasn't nervous until they opened the door and I saw the first two go and it just looked like they got sucked out. I was third to go and when I was in the opening of the plane I was as scared as I could be. Then it was just pure aweseomness.
Daniel jumped straight after me and said this jump was better than his first!
My tandem man, Jason, had a handycam on his arm and filmed everything. The free fall was sick and kind of overwhelming but still so amazing at the same time. Then when the parachute opened and we were gliding, it doesn't compare to anything else. I got to steere and we did some twirls in the air. When we were coming in to land on the beach we even saw stingrays in the water.
Best day of my life. 

Postat av: Lill-sis.

Ja, men här sitter jag i kalla Sverige och väntar på psykologilektionen medan du är ute och flyger. Så. fett. Avundsjuk.

Svar: Psykologin är värd dock! När du är klar i juni så är det din tur att sticka ut och flyga <3
Nastasja Thor

2013-11-29 @ 09:53:30

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