Sanur to Ubud


Sorry about the scarce posts but we've not been feeling to good. Been here in Sanur for almost a week and have been pretty much been bed-ridden for half the time. Went out yesterday to lie on the beach which was nice.

Today we're checking out of Ambian Kokoro Hotel to go to two temples and then get dropped off in a place called Ubud. We've booked a taxi driver for the day for 380 000 rupiah (about 180kr). We tried out our bartering skills yesterday and I think we're a bit too soft as everyone uses sob stories and it's hard to be hard.

We're happy to leave Sanur as it's quite sleepy. Ubud is supposed to be home to beautiful nature sights, good spas and relaxing yoga classes and a busy city with markets etcetera. 

Bye for now!

- Nastasja


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