A re-cap

So cold the day before Christmas Eve that loads of clothes were necessary.

Christmas Day on the other hand, was so hot.

We walked to Federation square and chilled out.

We watched Elf on the big screen.

On our way home.

An interestingly curved bench.

We've eaten potato gratin and chicken.

Walked into town to shop on Boxing Day.

Watched the massive bats flying over the flat.

Spent a day at the library and had lunch at the Rooftop Bar.

On the way back from town we walked past SO many people returning from the Ashes game. Here's the queue to a pub.

Yesterday I met up with Louise and her boyfriend at the Speakeasy Bar. They treated me to a fabulous lunch - thanks again!

We went to a huge vintage basaar and looked at an incredible amount of stuff.

Only got 5 days left in Melbourne and Australia before we go to Bali. Can't believe we've got to pack and carry around our rucksacks again, haha. Time for more adventures!

- Nastasja

Christmas Eve / Julafton

En morgontomte!

En till!

Vi åt en stor god frukost och bytte julklappar.


Daniel passar på att njuta i den sköns solen.

På plats hos Marie!

Den fina julgranen.

De goa norskorna i köket!

Vår host - Marie.

Svenska köttbullar.

Ägghalvor med majonäs och räkor. Frossade i detta med lite bröd och sill.

På plats i soffan för...

Kalle Anka!

Dags för norsk julmat - potetstappe = potatismos.

Ribbe = griskött med krispigt svåll.

Med rosenkål = brysselkål och sås till. SÅ GOTT!

Vi fortsatte med glögg.

Marie och Mari hade köpt julklappar till oss - mumsig choklad från Haighs och varsin sovmask. Så himla bra!


Fina Mari!

Sen tryckte vi i oss tjejernas goda bakverk också - banoffee pie.

Sjukt god men så mastigt.

En fin julafton, men vi saknade alla snön och våra familjer. Nästa år blir det julfirande deluxe!

- Nastasja

Christmas Day antics


Woke up at eight this morning, an hour later than usual. We got back before midnight from our lovely evening with Mari and Marie. We ate some great food, watched Kalle Anka and drank glögg. 

Haven't done more than eaten today really. I made potato gratang (gratin? gratäng!) and chicken for lunch. We're now sitting at Federation Square. It's the biggest free wifi spot in Australia. They've got beach chairs and places to sit everywhere and a big screen tv where they've shown films today. It's so hot and we're just sitting. 

Tomorrow the sales start and the day after that we're watching the Hobbit and the Desolation of Smaug! Wooooo!


- Nastasja

A few snaps from the past week

We walked down Collins Street one day and had been looking for cinemas the night before. Just noticed the entrance to the stairs to this rooftop bar and cinema. Wes took Julia and I there last time we were over but the cinema wasn't organized then I don't think. Cheap burgers and really friendly staff.
There are quite a few people dressed up. Here's Father Christmas in a graffitied alley.
One of the best places to eat sushi - ThaiViet Bibig.
If you walk down Collins Street there's an arcade where you can go downstairs to Dymocks For Booklovers. Instead of going downstairs, walk through and turn left. The rolls are only $2 each and they serve miso soup too!
Across the street from the library is a massive shopping centre that I can't remember the name of. There's a little bookshelf-kind-of library there.
By Flinder Street Station they were selling plastic Christmas trees in the blazing sun.
We came home and made some yummy fajitas. I skipped the bread and ate them with salad.
We went for a walk and discovered Church Street/Chapel Street, Richmond, Prahran and Toorak. On the way we bought sandwiches from Pillar of Salt and enjoyed them in the sun.
On my way to town another day I photographed these... berries? Pretty colour.
ANOTHER great sushi place. Tokui Sushi, just below where Swanston Street crosses Lonsdale Street. $2 rolls.
We spent a few hours at the library and went for a burger at Grill'd - the Baa Baa Burger is an amazing one with lamb mince. Just across the space there was a market. We entered a competition to win $5000 and were offered free fairy floss (as they call it here).
So photogenic.
The chocolate cake was SO so good. That with a pot of tea for $5, ta very much. The girls we spoke to were so lovely as well.
We took tram 109 towards Box Hill and hopped off at IKEA. As we're celebrating Christmas Eve with our Norweigan friends we needed to stock up on some Swedish food. Too bad they'd ran out of gravad lax.
Outside the library we sighted this.... not sure if it works.
The number 35 tram - it circles the city and is free!
Best of times.
- Nastasja

3 dagar kvar till jul

Det ar perfekt anda, att kunna gora precis som en vill nar en inte jobbar. Vaknade tidigt som vanligt och tar mig till vattenkokaren i koket. Jag vaknar alltid forst och det ar harligt att dricka en kopp te i soffan och skriva i resedagboken. Jag vacker Daniel och fragar om han vill ha frukost, han svarar oftast somnigt att, ja, han vill ha kokt agg. Jag kokar dem i tre minuter sa att de blir perfekt losa och sen ser vi pa Vanner. Vi ser alltid pa vanner nar vi ater, frukost, lunch och middag.
Jag gjorde mig i ordning och promenerade till stan sjalv. Fotade lite saker och fingrade pa ett armband med hjartan jag fatt av nagra vanner - det ar ett kompisarmband till deras sota lilla dotter. Ibland ar det jattevarmt och jag far ga i linne, sedan ar det kallt igen. Pa med skjortan. Knappa Melbourne.
Jag gar ner till korsningen av Swanston Street och Lonsdale Street. Gar nerfor Lonsdale och forbi den goda sushin for $2 rullen till frisorsalongen jag sett dar. Jag behover inte boka tid och far klippa mina slitna toppar for $30, det ar sa billigt, ungefar 180kr. Men har stylar de inte haret och piffar, men det gor inte sa mycket. Pa veckodagar, pa formiddagen kan en klippa sig for $20. Helt sinnes.
Gar till biblioteket och satter mig vid en dator och oppnar tio flikar. Spelar musik pa Grooveshark och laser om uteliggare i USA och gar in pa mina favoritbloggar. Daniel, ja, han promenerar pa stan tror jag. Men han ska ringa sen och sa ska vi nog ta en kaffe. Eller lunch. Lite som en date.
Pa tisdag ar det julfton och den ska vi fira med vara tva norska tjejkompisar vi traffade nar vi seglade runt the Whitsundays. Sa himla trevligt. For norska ar ett sa glatt sprak och inte sa svart att forsta trots allt.

19 december and 40 degrees

Good evening from us and good morning to you! We're so dead after the longest and HOTTEST day. Woke up early, had breakfast and headed to the library. We actually took the tram today because it was about 40+ degrees in the sun. Sweating like pigs we sat down by a computer in the cool library and booked our flight to Bali. We leave January 4th! We land in Denpassar and the rest is unplanned so far. We really have no clue which end to start in. 

We ate a sushi roll each and then took the free city circle tram (no. 35) to the end of La Trobe street and got off by the main harbour. We found a shopping centre there where alllllllll the shops had sales on. Managed to not spend money on anything but a Christmas gift to each other. Trammed it back in to the city and had a late (normal for us) lunch at half three and then walked up Collins Street. 

Came back on the tram and it's now past 7pm. Have just done our push ups and have collapsed on the sofa. Might cook later, or might just fall asleep, haha. 

- Nastasja

The Botanical Gardens and Hoiser Lane graffiti art

We left home and headed towards the Botanical Gardens. It's pretty warm in the sun but the wind is quite cold. A bit like Swedish spring...
The Australians are crazy picknick people. And they don't only bring food and a blanket to sit on, but tables, chairs, porcelaine and the whole shebang!
We then walked through the city to Hosier Lane, just off Flinders Street. on Tripadvisor this is the home of the street art graffiti.
The most gorgeous person ever like.
I really liked it. Daniel said he'd hoped for more, but there ya go.
Past our favourite cathedral.

Smith Street, Johnston Street, Brunswick Street, Gertrude Street [Fitzroy]

Melbourne is full of street art. On Sunday we decided to walk to Fitzroy.
Smith Street; home to Huxtaburger and amazing vintageshops along the way.
Right on the corner of Brunswick Street and Johnston Street we found Hecho en Mexico where we ate lunch.
Daniel had these amazing quesadillas and I had a burrito.

A lovely day with new scenery.

Home away from home

We walk about places like these almost every day.
Sometimes those walks take us all the way down Victoria Street to IKEA where they sell sweets. Daniel has finally been able to eat some Swedish liqourice.
Updating his journal.
Aaaaand cooking yummy quesadillas for us.
Made by D.
We play a lot of cards. Daniel has taught me how to play Chicago, so now we can vary with that. We've been playing Canadian Rummy and "Skitgubbe" (=shithead?) during the whole of the trip before this.
Made some burgers. Everyday I am happy to not eat tuna and spaghetti.
The lovely wooden balcony doors.
Where we spend a lot of our time eating, reading, playing music, playing cards, talking and CHILLING.
Yep. Definitely nice to have a homebase without other people. Gathering strength before we go to Asia.



There's not much going on here in Melbourne. We've not had any luck on the job front although Daniel was at an interview the other day. He applied for a Customer Service position and when he got there it was all a load of rubbish - it was just fundraising. That sounds coldhearted, but the working conditions are awful.

We met up two Norweigan friends, Mari and Marie, on Friday to party a little bit with their friends. After a few hours we went to town and ate some pizza and walked home.

Going to go and check out the Botanical Gardens today and enjoy the blue skies and sun. Got some planning of Asia to do too.

- Nastasja

Chef Nastasja

Nastasja know her way around the kitchen :) cooking some lunch for Cho and me 


Bibliotek och souvlaki

Som rubriken lyder. Ungefär. Suttit och skrivit CV och personliga brev på biblans datorer, tog en lunchpaus och såg på alla människor som sprang runt i ösregnet. När vi var klara med skrivandet så slutade det regna och vi promenerade glatt hem. 

Vi träffade på grannen här, en interior designer med en riktigt fräck lya. Det finns så många balla typer i den här staden alltså. Imorgon ska vi i alla fall bjuda Cho på lunch - mammas recept på Westindian meatballs and rice. 

- Nastasja

Walkabout in Melbourne

We woke up to 28 degrees and sun, so we made the most of it and spent the day outside.

There are so many old and beautiful buildings around.

Some artsy stuff.

Beautiful fences and decore on the houses.

The platypus

Peoples' drawings in the clay tiles in the park.

Christmas decorations against the blue sky.

My dream man.

Inside one of the shopping centres.

Posing time in a courtyard.

We love all the churches and cathedrals. So majestic.

The fasade of the pub in the picture above.

Houses of colour.

We went for a Brunswick Bitter (beer) at a local pub called the Vic in the sun. So, so, so hot!

- Nastasja

A few weeks ago in Brisbane

We rolled into Brisbane with our Greyhound and the next day we went sight-seeing! Beautiful weather. 
Daniel, on our way to the lagoon. 
The fresh water lagoon. 
Saturday market.
On the walkway over the river.
 Buying a coffee from a guy who greeted us in Swedish.
The Queensland University of Technology campus.
A golden orb spider in its web. The botanical gardens. 
A bunyan tree. The botanical gardens. 
 By the river. 

About this high on life

Second week of having a cold. Not a happy bunny. 

- N. 

Det här med lösgodis

En blir så glad av tanken och synen av godis. Sen äter en fem sex stycken och mår illa resten av dagen och vaknar mitt i natten och behöver ta en samarin pga ont. Inte värt det. Åt även en halvfabrikatslunch á la Sverige i form av ett köttbullemeal. Inte heller bra för kroppen. Köpte kaviar med och strosade genom hela IKEA:t igår. Får nog bli lite gravad lax och glögg i jul! 

- Nastasja

En sjukling o jag!

Såhär ser min solbrända sjukling ut i överslafen mittemot. Han vaknade dålig i morse och fick tyvärr avboka sitt bungyhopp. Jag åkte dit själv och efter ångestvågor, några tårar på toppen av 50-meters-tornet och några nedräkningar på kanten så hoppade jag. Det absolut läskigaste jag gjort. Helt sjukt värt dock!


- Nastasja

Första advent på bio

Hej på er!

Har spenderar en stor del av dagen i solen vid lagunen här i Cairns (såg en kille med Kretsloppet-tshirt!) Så sjukt varmt. Lagade spaghetti och köttfärssås med extra vitlök för att kurera min hals. Såg färdigt på the Hobbit, duschade och chillade ett tag. Delar numera rum med två svenska killar från Skåne (varav den enas flickvän är Boråsare) så det blir en del prat.

Nu sitter vi i alla fall på en bio och det är inte en kotte här?

- Nastasja

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