19 december and 40 degrees

Good evening from us and good morning to you! We're so dead after the longest and HOTTEST day. Woke up early, had breakfast and headed to the library. We actually took the tram today because it was about 40+ degrees in the sun. Sweating like pigs we sat down by a computer in the cool library and booked our flight to Bali. We leave January 4th! We land in Denpassar and the rest is unplanned so far. We really have no clue which end to start in. 

We ate a sushi roll each and then took the free city circle tram (no. 35) to the end of La Trobe street and got off by the main harbour. We found a shopping centre there where alllllllll the shops had sales on. Managed to not spend money on anything but a Christmas gift to each other. Trammed it back in to the city and had a late (normal for us) lunch at half three and then walked up Collins Street. 

Came back on the tram and it's now past 7pm. Have just done our push ups and have collapsed on the sofa. Might cook later, or might just fall asleep, haha. 

- Nastasja


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