Bye Hervey Bay!

Was just about to put my toothbrush under the kitchen tap when I saw an animal out the corner of my eye. A possum (en typ av pungdjur) was hiding so still behind the wood that I didn't know if it had always been there or if it was alive. I almost had a heartattack (didn't scream) and waited for Daniel to come back and grab his rucksack. He peeked at it and it moved his ears. IT WAS ALIVE! Grabbed our packs and got a lift to the bus station. Are now on the fanciest Greyhound bus we've seen so far with USB-charger ports and everything. 12,5h ish and we'll be in Airlie Beach awaiting our sailing trip on Monday.

- Nastasja

Postat av: Krista

Hey, where did you stay in Hervey Bay?

Svar: We stayed at the Woolshed! Lovely place. What about youuu?
Nastasja Thor

2013-11-21 @ 10:12:08
Postat av: Mumsy

Ah, lovely little thing!

2013-11-24 @ 01:18:01

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