The belated Kangaroo Island post

After Coober Pedy we stayed in a little hotel in Adelaide for a night to just get away from people for a bit. We were picked up the next morning by an energetic guide named John Paul - JP for short.

We drove through green and smooth hills that reminded me of Lord of the Rings and Daniel said it looked a lot like New Zeeland. 

We got on a ferry that was to take us to K.I. 

Our first stop was the beach where to crazy surfers were in the freezing water. 

We went to Seal Bay where this sign stood outside. 

Our guide, Ron, told us that that the sandy patha we see here are made by the Australian sea lions (seals). They climb up on land to rest and their pups stay there until they are old enough to go to the beach. 

Mum and pup. 

Saying hi!

Our pup - Toby Ron. 

Wild koala on the way to go sandboarding in Little Sahara (Daniel has those pictures). 

The next morning we went to the Remarkable Rocks. The massive bolders are right on the edge of a cliff. 

Hiding from the wind! 

One of my favourite pictures so far. 


JP cooking at one of the many BBQ's that are placed out for anyone to use for free. 

Wraps for a change (not, haha. But still yummy). 

Heading through to a hidden beach. 

Then we went to see the awesome pelicans!
- Nastasja


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