Established in Melboune

Hey hey heeey!

We got here two days ago and have done no hard work, except maybe fighting our way through the kitchen to cook our food. We're staying at a big hostel called Urban Central in the southern part of Melbourne's city area, just across the Yarra River. We're sharing a room with another couple and it's more private and nice. Breakfast is free and the hostel organizes loads of stuff. Yesterday, for example, we ended up last in a trivia quiz, haha.

Had a poke about the city, gone on the free tram and discovered China Town. We've eaten sushi for hardly any money at all and almost blown away by the story warm winds. Had our first pollen shock today and it probably won't get easier from here, ha. We also stood and listened to two brothers with amazing voices sing and play Mumford&Sons-inspired music. 

We're going to Philip Island tomorrow on a day tour to see penguins. Unluckily the forecast is 12 degrees and rain. Fingers crossed it changes!

Left our touch pads with all our pictures on at the hostel, hopefully we'll find more free wifi soon. The hostel charges $4 an hour!

Seeeee yaaas

- Nastasja


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