Great Ocean Road

Picture bomb from our tour along the Great Ocean Road between Adelaide and Melbourne! It took us three days and two nights. We had some great views and a good time except that it rained two out of three days

MacKenzie falls - The Grampians
Jaws of death - The Grampians lookout place thing

After a 1 hour morning walk we arrived at the top of a moutain in Hall's Gap
Then we finally arrived to the coast

London Bridge
12 Apostles (But really it's only 7 of them left)

We made a stop at Koala Cove and made friends with all the birds

We made a stop in a rainforest and made a short walk
There was a chance to spot the Platypus here, but unfortunately we didn't, if you see them it's suppose to give luck. Probably because they are so rare to see.
// Daniel


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