Leaving Sydney

We have had a fab few days whilst staying with Jodie and her funny housemates - big thanks for letting us stay, guys! We've walked over Harbour bridge, seen the opera house (that is celebrating 40 years this year!), stayed at a horrible hostel (Dury House Backpackers in Kings Cross) and then moved to Chippendale to stay for a few days. I made meatballs and Daniel made mash and treated the house. We've been to Manly and Bondi beach , Darling Harbour, North Sydney and China Town. Yesterday we went to a fantastic bar where talented musicians jammed together and freestyled and solo'd. SO COOL! 

Tonight we're leaving, another 12,5h night bus trip to Byron Bay. We're heading up towards big spider country...... Haha. 


- Nastasja

Postat av: Mumsy

Lovely photo x

2013-10-28 @ 19:59:31
URL: http://foreignfoureyes.blogg.se
Postat av: Höns Mor

Ohh , vilken underbar bild på bron ! , den måste ni göra en tavla av . Puss o Kram Love You !

2013-10-30 @ 12:05:47

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