The Rock Tour - day 1

Last Tuesday we flew to Alice Springs and checked into our 6-share dorm at Toddy's Backpackers. We met another Swedish girl, Emelie from Stockholm, and walked up to "town" to confirm our places and to have lunch. The guys at the booking place told me what meals we'd be having and then said they'd give me the money back if I bought my own glutenfree options - golden star, guys!
At 6am we were picked up by our guide Nate (from NZ, drove like a madman, loved beer and was sarcastic most of the time, haha). We were a mixture of people from Sweden, England, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, Italy and France. The coolest person was easily 76-year-old ex-teacher David from Cornwall - the oldest Rock Tour participant in history!
So we headed towards Kings Canyon, our first big sight. We covered ourselves in sunscreen and then made sure we all had 3 litres of water EACH for our walk up and around the canyon. 
Group photo at the top of Heartattack Hill!
The king and queen of the canyon!
Looking down into the canyon. 
After our three our walk in 35 degrees we all fell asleep on the bus until Nate told us to run outside and gather firewood for the two bush camp nights. After we were done we were covered in sut (sot?) and cuts. He then took us to see the sun set and then off to use flushing toilettes for the last time in 12 hours. 
Nate and the other guide made a fire. 
We helped unload the swags (= a kind of extra-padded, windproof sleeping bag that you put your normal sleeping bag in and then sleep in both). We made chili con carne with rice, vegetables and bread on the hot coals of the fire. 
I was dreading goin to the "toilette" because of the spiders and snakes. Nate told us there was a 'bush toilette' in complete darkness for number 2, and number 1 was done out in the free. Everyone had to do the walk of shame and throw their toilette paper in the fire afterwards....
We were finally given instructions on how to unroll our swags, check for snakes, put our sleeping bags in, zip them up properly and then roll it up. They also told us how to keep animals away:
- Scientists have proven that snakes won't cross freshly dug earth, so we drew cirkles around our swags with sticks. 
- Salt burns spiders. So we poured salt around our swags. 
- If dingos came near we (or the boys rather) could protect themselves by weeing around themselves as dingos hate human urin. 
Stay tuned for day 2. Internet hasn't been available for a while! 

Postat av: Krista

Oh, Kings Canyon was may favorite Place in the whole of Australia. Especially Eden :)

2013-10-09 @ 14:59:15
Postat av: Malin Aurora

Gud så häftiga bilder!

2013-10-12 @ 22:39:32

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