The Rock Tour - day 2

We had an early wakeup call at 5am were we had to roll up our swags and load them onto the trailer. We had breakfast in the dark and then went to have showers and use flushing toilettes.

Our first stop of the day were the Olgas, also known as Kata Tjuta.

We did a walk through the Valley of the Winds were our guide, Nate, told us about the different gum trees and their uses. It was overwhelming walking between the massive rocks and round every bend the view was different.
It was just as hot here as it was at Kings Canyon and the flies came out to join us straight away. A fly net around our faces would have been ideal.
We walked up what Nate called "Hernia Hill". It was worse than "Heartattack Hill" at Kings Canyon as it was after two hours of trekking straight up. He told us not to turn around until we'd made it to the top. He was right about it, because the view was uh-mazing. David, 76, made it up all the way as well and he was given a round of applause at the top - incredible man!

When we were done at Kata Tjuta, we made our way to Uluru. We went to an information center where we read about bush tucker (food from the bush), the aboriginal traditions and ways and also about the meaning of the rock. There were stories about people who had taken things from around Uluru (in the Kata Tjuta national park) and had suffered from bad luck ever since, and sent things back. There was also a book where you could sign your name saying you wouldn't climb it.
Nate told us that 26% of the visitors climb the rock, and the Austarlian government won't ban it until it goes under 20% OR that another 4 people die on the rock and make it a total of 40 people. (You have to die on it for it to count, if you bounce off and die you're not in the statistics). Japan is the only coutry in the world that actually promotes it.

We did the first 2km of the base walk around Uluru where Nate told us stories and showed us what different aboriginal symbols mean.

Then we went off to see the sun set over Uluru. The rock changed colour the further the sun set.

We had tea and then headed back to set up camp for the night, exhausted as ever.
- Nastasja


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