The Rock Tour - day 3

Day three started at about 4.30am because we had to get ready quickly and leave for the sunrise at Uluru. It was so cold in shorts! We put out the breakfast on the table with our cameras hanging off our shoulders. We made tea and toast and watched the sun rise next to the mighty rock.

After that we did the remaining 8km of the base walk around Uluru. It started to get hot and as soon as the flies felt us breaking sweat, they were in our eyes, noses and mouths, haha. Horrible creatures. We saw an elefant on the way though, can you spot it?
This is where you could start the climb if the conditions were right. They close it if it is too windy, too hot or if there is a risk for rain within three hours.
After this it was time to head back towards Alice Springs. On the way we stopped at a camel farm.

I asked Nate to take photos of us, so he took a few selfies as a nice reminder of himself too, ha!
It was more painful for the guys than us girls, haha.
- a pair of long pants is not a bad idea, even if it is summer. It does get chilly in the evening.
- a torch or headlight is going to be one of your best friends, especially going to the toilette in the complete darkness.
- hand cream, if you are like me and hate having dry hands.
- a fly net to go over your face is the ugliest thing ever but atleast it does keep the flies out of your mouth.
- a good hat.
- the obvious WATER and sunscreen.
- don't wear stuff you might be worried won't get completely cleanl; my socks and trainers are still a bit red from the sand, and things get covered in sot!

Postat av: Little sis

Where is the elephant? :O
Looks fab be the way, horrible autumn weather here at the moment.. Miss you guys! x x

Svar: Haha, keep looking at one of the rock pictures abd you'll spot it ;)
Nastasja Thor

2013-10-23 @ 13:23:10

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