Last day of September

Good afternoon! 

Lying on the sofa in the hostel whilst Daniel is making some noodles. "Luckily" gluten allergy is more common here than I expected and the shelf with gluten free products at the supermarket is bigger here than at ICA. 

I realized while I was re-packing my rucksack that (my cousin) Jodie has an Australian number and I have loads of credit to use, so I gave her a call. It was so much fun catching up! We will see her when we get to Sydney! 

We might go to a bar later and listen to some live music. Got an early start tomorrow with our flight to Alice Springs. Can not wait to go on the Rock Tour and visit Uluru, Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta. We'll see if I can handle my immense fear for spiders whilst sleeping in the outback....

- Nastasja


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