Still alive!

We've just bought ourselves membership cards for $2 each (~12kr) at an Internet cafe called Peterpans; we can then use them in all the Peterpan cafes in Australia. The wifi is too expensive at the hostel so we've just used whatever has been free on the streets.
Yesterday we wanted to go to Gorge Wildlife Park but the only way of getting there was through a privatised guided tour which we didn't want. We were adviced to visit Cleland Wildlife Park instead so we hopped on a bus and got off at a small.... town? village? called Crafers. It reminded me so much of Marback, except it was about 1/4 of its size, haha. What they didn't tell us in town was that there only were two busses from Crafers to the wildlife park so we had two hours to kill before the next bus. We drank a pale ale each at the pub (of course there was a pub!) and then ate a massive burger at the coffee shop across the road.
It was bloody freezing at the park but the animals were lovely to see. We fed kangaroos, patted a koala (that's the best thing with Gorge Wildlife Park - the koala hold is free, at this place it was $30) and just enjoyed a day out. After a long bus trip back to the hostel we were so happy to see that our bags had arrived! Yesterday's shower was the best ever. After a meal consisting of chipolates and mash I was shattered and fell asleep.
We're sharing our dorm with two German girls that are really nice, the third German girl left this morning. The final residant is an Indian guy who SNORES so loud that none but one of the other girls could sleep the first night. I have never heard such a noise in my life!
We're off to find Australian sim cards today and are going to book our last two nights before we leave for Alice Springs on Tuesday morning for our 3 day and 2 night Rock Tour.
- Nastasja

Postat av: A.Lima

Glad u have cases now. Feels like trip can really begin. Have fun. Xx

2013-09-28 @ 20:40:04

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