A long way to Lovina

Hello peeps! A few mornings ago we got up and ate breakfast and packed our bags. 20 minutes before we were to be picked up by our taxi a man knocked on our door. Instead of the man we bartered and booked with and everything, this new dude was going to take us to our sights. 

We got into the car and... no seatbelts. We were lazy and couldn't be bothered to find a new taxi so we stayed and Daniel told him to drive carefully (which he did all day). 

Our first stop was for lunch with a view over the rice terraces /padi rice fields at Jatiluwih. We then walked through the fields and it really is worth it's consideration for a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Our next stop was up in the mountains by one of Bali's volcanoes. This is the temple in the water - Pura Ulun Danu Bratan in Lake Bratan. It really is the nicest we have seen so far.
The loveliness of Indonesia - become a squat expert for these moments. (Malin, tänker alltid på dig när jag går in på en sånhär! Hahah).

Our last stop before Lovina was the lovely waterfall - Gitgit. It's said to be te highest with its 35 metres. At the top where you see it coming down in two the pool beneath is 5 metres deep and you can easily jump in. Which we had no idea about. It was so beautiful! 

We got dropped off at our hotel, Rambutan Boutique Hotel (or Rambutan Cottages as it says on the sign post by the road). We booked a standard room for two nights but were upgraded this night because of an over-booking. The room is big, the bathroom is nice and they've taken the batteries out of the AC control. We've had too many mozzies in our room too, but hey, it's Bali! 


- Nastasja

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