Bali update


We're having an afternoon bap after a long first half of the day. We signed up for a cooking class yesterday and were picked up this morning at nine (half an hour late because the hotel gave the wrong adress, haha). We were joined by two Australians and were dropped off with the rest of our group to explore a food market. Our guide/chef, Dewi, showed us around. We got to try stuff on the way - a fruity juice that's good for the blood, small dries fish (with the head, eyes and all) that tasted salty anf fishy, fruit such as snake fruit and something else that was like a cross between apple and potato. 

We then got lifts to Dewis house were we were given aprons, name tags and a recipe folder each with today's recipes. (Apparantly she changes te recipes every day and has classes every day).

We helped chop, mix, stir, fry, roll, fold and eat the different kinds of food. In the end we had: spring rolls filled with garlic, red onion and bamboo shoots. A vegetable curry with three kinds of veggies. Rice. Lamb curry. Satay sauce and chicken skewers. For dessert we had green pancakes with coconut and palm sugar filling! 

It's been interesting talking to all these people we were cooking with. One New Yorker was telling us about his family tree and how his Swedish ancestor travelled from Liverpool-New York-Illinois. The Australian couple told us that two days after they'd booked their trip here their house of 23 years, with the memories with their three sons, burned down in the fires in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney. Around 200 homes have been destroyed and other years it's been common for maybe 1 house to burn down. Luckily no one has died. It makes you think..

We've mainly spent our time by the beach here in Sanur. We've got to decide today whether to go to Nusa Lembongan (an island) or to Ubud (more central) or stay here and see some more of this area/the south. 


- Nastasja


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