Picture bomb from Sanur

We arrived in Denpasar and found our driver Ketut with a sign with Daniel's name on it. He drove us to our hotel, Abian Kokoro Hotel, in Sanur. We were happy with the hotel and the price was pretty good as we got a fridge, balcony, TV (we never turned it on), AC, free breakfast, fresh towels and two free water bottles everyday. Although right next door the woman sells big chilled bottles for 5000 rupiah!

The road by our hotel.

The man.

In Bali 97% of the people are hindus. So every morning (and other times during the day) there are these kind of offerings put out for the gods together with scented sticks that make the whole place fragrant.

At Sanur Beach. It was very quiet here, probably more so due to it being low season. The beach wasn't all that nice, quite dirty and the water was only clear during low tide.

Someone barbequeing whole fish.

Two people fishing.

More offerings.

These cool fishing boats were lined up all along the beach. Daniel wants one for himself back home!

The view whilst we were eating.

Before we got Dehli bellies we drank stuff with ice in - here's my favourite so far: fresh lime juice with ice.

Due to rain season these black clouds gather and creep up on you sometime every day and drench everything. Then they go away again.

Now we're in Ubud we've been able to compare Sanur with something. The people down there are definitely lesd friendly and they harrass you way more to buy stuff. The town itself doesn't really have a lot to offer except its closeness to Bukit Peninsula and those temples there + the tours that run up to Besikah (the mother temple). It's also a gateway to the the different islands such as Nusa Lembongan, Lombok and the Gili Islands.

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ser helt underbart ut!

Svar: Åh det är verkligen ballt på Bali! Åk hit!
Nastasja Thor

2014-01-16 @ 23:59:43
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Postat av: Mumsy

Looks just like the books. Been amazing following your adventures x

2014-01-22 @ 21:36:10
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