A few snaps from the past week

We walked down Collins Street one day and had been looking for cinemas the night before. Just noticed the entrance to the stairs to this rooftop bar and cinema. Wes took Julia and I there last time we were over but the cinema wasn't organized then I don't think. Cheap burgers and really friendly staff.
There are quite a few people dressed up. Here's Father Christmas in a graffitied alley.
One of the best places to eat sushi - ThaiViet Bibig.
If you walk down Collins Street there's an arcade where you can go downstairs to Dymocks For Booklovers. Instead of going downstairs, walk through and turn left. The rolls are only $2 each and they serve miso soup too!
Across the street from the library is a massive shopping centre that I can't remember the name of. There's a little bookshelf-kind-of library there.
By Flinder Street Station they were selling plastic Christmas trees in the blazing sun.
We came home and made some yummy fajitas. I skipped the bread and ate them with salad.
We went for a walk and discovered Church Street/Chapel Street, Richmond, Prahran and Toorak. On the way we bought sandwiches from Pillar of Salt and enjoyed them in the sun.
On my way to town another day I photographed these... berries? Pretty colour.
ANOTHER great sushi place. Tokui Sushi, just below where Swanston Street crosses Lonsdale Street. $2 rolls.
We spent a few hours at the library and went for a burger at Grill'd - the Baa Baa Burger is an amazing one with lamb mince. Just across the space there was a market. We entered a competition to win $5000 and were offered free fairy floss (as they call it here).
So photogenic.
The chocolate cake was SO so good. That with a pot of tea for $5, ta very much. The girls we spoke to were so lovely as well.
We took tram 109 towards Box Hill and hopped off at IKEA. As we're celebrating Christmas Eve with our Norweigan friends we needed to stock up on some Swedish food. Too bad they'd ran out of gravad lax.
Outside the library we sighted this.... not sure if it works.
The number 35 tram - it circles the city and is free!
Best of times.
- Nastasja

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Så härliga bilder!

Svar: Åh men tack! :D
Nastasja Thor

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