A few weeks ago in Brisbane

We rolled into Brisbane with our Greyhound and the next day we went sight-seeing! Beautiful weather. 
Daniel, on our way to the lagoon. 
The fresh water lagoon. 
Saturday market.
On the walkway over the river.
 Buying a coffee from a guy who greeted us in Swedish.
The Queensland University of Technology campus.
A golden orb spider in its web. The botanical gardens. 
A bunyan tree. The botanical gardens. 
 By the river. 

En sjukling o jag!

Såhär ser min solbrända sjukling ut i överslafen mittemot. Han vaknade dålig i morse och fick tyvärr avboka sitt bungyhopp. Jag åkte dit själv och efter ångestvågor, några tårar på toppen av 50-meters-tornet och några nedräkningar på kanten så hoppade jag. Det absolut läskigaste jag gjort. Helt sjukt värt dock!


- Nastasja

Första advent på bio

Hej på er!

Har spenderar en stor del av dagen i solen vid lagunen här i Cairns (såg en kille med Kretsloppet-tshirt!) Så sjukt varmt. Lagade spaghetti och köttfärssås med extra vitlök för att kurera min hals. Såg färdigt på the Hobbit, duschade och chillade ett tag. Delar numera rum med två svenska killar från Skåne (varav den enas flickvän är Boråsare) så det blir en del prat.

Nu sitter vi i alla fall på en bio och det är inte en kotte här?

- Nastasja

Christmas spirit?

We came back from our overnight stay in Cape Tribulation yesterday and went down to the esplanade to find food. A choir was singing in front of the Christmas tree and we were walking around in shorts. It can't be Christmas in 24 days!

We're leaving Cairns for Melbourne on Tuesday to hopefully find jobs there. After that Asia awaits. I've got a horrible cough and sore throat at the moment and hoping that it'll pass and won't turn into tonsilitis...

Bye for now!

- Nastasja


We made it to Cairns! Now we've done our final stretch by Greyhound bus. All the way from Sydney to Cairns and before that we did Alice Springs to Sydney. Biiiig distances. 

We couldn't check in for three hours so we walked around until we found sushi - we haven't had any since Byron Bay which is forever ago. Next door was a Swedish café that served everything from skagenröra to pick n mix sweets (lösgodis). They also sold KAVIAR and loads of other goodies. No purchases though. We went on and shared a latte instead. 

Got our room and then booked our Cape Tribulation trip for Friday to Saturday. Can not wait! We then went for a stroll up and down the esplanade and checked out the new black edition GoPro+, it seemed amazing! There was a night market on in town which we also had a peek at. 

Did some basic shopping and got some panadol for my sore throat and cough. Hope I'm well enough to dive on Thursday.. Dropped the food off and went for our free hostel meal at one of the nearby restaurants/pubs. Pretty okay for not paying anything at all. 

Now: an episode of Big Bang Theory and tea. 

Magnetic island horse riding

Från Townsville tog vi färjan över till Magnetic island, där det visade sig att det fanns massa fina stränder och även sol!

Vi började gå en liten vandring som skulle leda osstill The Forts, vad det nu var, för vi vände i tidsbrist. Men fick se denna fina vy på vägen i alla fall

Tillslut kom vi fram till Horseshoe bay Ranch, där vi fick sadla upp och rida en go runda, ner till stranden

Där fick vi ta på oss stinger suits (mot brännmaneterna) och hoppa på hästarna barbacka för en tur i havet!

Kulkul! Vi är lite ömma idag, men inte lika farligt som vi hade trott!

Nu sitter vi på Greyhoundbussen med lite chips och Friends på våra surfplattor påväg mot Mission Beach där vi ska hoppa fallskärm på måndag! :D


Bye Hervey Bay!

Was just about to put my toothbrush under the kitchen tap when I saw an animal out the corner of my eye. A possum (en typ av pungdjur) was hiding so still behind the wood that I didn't know if it had always been there or if it was alive. I almost had a heartattack (didn't scream) and waited for Daniel to come back and grab his rucksack. He peeked at it and it moved his ears. IT WAS ALIVE! Grabbed our packs and got a lift to the bus station. Are now on the fanciest Greyhound bus we've seen so far with USB-charger ports and everything. 12,5h ish and we'll be in Airlie Beach awaiting our sailing trip on Monday.

- Nastasja

Supermat och ny location

Hej på er!

Vi gjorde Fraser Island (det kommer ett eget inlägg om det) och var verkligen färdiga med Rainbow Beach. Vi tog bussen till Hervey Bay där vi ska stanna till torsdag kväll innan vi tar nattbussen upp till Airlie Beach. Vi sticker ut och seglar på måndag i några dagar och jag längtar som en dåre! Imorgon blir det förmodligen en heldag på stranden bara, så himla gött! 

- Nastasja

We are still alive!

It's 6am and it's time to get up as Ian wants to show us the last bits of the surrounding area before we head to Rainbow Beach at 8.40am. There will be posts with loads of pictures when we have wifi - stay tuned!

- Nastasja

Brisbane - Mudjimba

After 1,5 well spent days in Brisbane with a lot of walking in the heat, we're off to Mudjimba to meet up with an inbread Australian guy called Ian. He has invited us to stay with him and his family and we're going camping and stuff for a couple of nights. So if you don't hear from us, consider us lost to the wild never to be found again


Vroooom! Byron Bay ----> Brisbane

After a few nice hours on the beach and some great dips in the sea, we had lunch and then a coffee before we headed back to the hostel. We took a shower each, ate some toast and then walked to the Greyhound bus waiting for us. It took us about 3 hours to get to Brisbane through Coolongatta, Burleigh Heads and Surfers Paradise. We checked in and then made tea in the hottest kitchen EVER! Had a chat with a few guys about bungy jumping, skydiving, snakes and spiders, teenage trips abroad and what we're doing next. 

Going to sleep now and getting ready for a long day in Brisbane tomorrow. 

- Nastasja

Leaving Sydney

We have had a fab few days whilst staying with Jodie and her funny housemates - big thanks for letting us stay, guys! We've walked over Harbour bridge, seen the opera house (that is celebrating 40 years this year!), stayed at a horrible hostel (Dury House Backpackers in Kings Cross) and then moved to Chippendale to stay for a few days. I made meatballs and Daniel made mash and treated the house. We've been to Manly and Bondi beach , Darling Harbour, North Sydney and China Town. Yesterday we went to a fantastic bar where talented musicians jammed together and freestyled and solo'd. SO COOL! 

Tonight we're leaving, another 12,5h night bus trip to Byron Bay. We're heading up towards big spider country...... Haha. 


- Nastasja

Animals - Djur

Vi har sett en hel del djur pa de 4 veckor vi har varit i Australien, vi kommer antagligen se annu fler men har kommer en bildbomb med blandade bilder fran olika stallen, i det fria eller instangda
// Daniel

Alice Springs and Coober Pedy

We had a day to kill in Alice Springs after the tour. We had free entry to the Reptile Center with our tour voucher so we went there first. We saw loads of snakes and a few other crawlies.

Meet Terry, the freshwater crocodile.
After lunch we asked the information center how long it'd take us to walk to the old telegraph station (that was the reason they built Alice Springs in the first place). She said half an hour so we started walking. We saw wild kangaroos on the way which was cool. After half an hour we saw a sign saying it was another half an hour to our destination. When we finally got there it was $9 each to get in. So we drank loads of water in the shade, got bitten by mosquitos and then walked back instead.
The next morning we got on a Greyhound bus with our German friend, Rene, who we'd met at the hostel. It took us eight hours to get to Coober Pedy and I don't think anyone of us could believe our eyes when we got there. We knew many places were underground because it is so hot there, but the town was so quiet we felt quite disconcerted. We had arrived in the opal capital of the world.
Daniel beside our bunks - 6,5m under the ground in our hostel, Radeka.
So weird.
Then we had a day to kill in Coober Pedy. Completely deserted.
At the Old Timers Mine we did a self-guided tour in the old mines. It was cool to see how it all had worked and still works.
After that very long day of nothingness really, we hopped on a Greyhound bus taking us to Adelaide during the night. It was nice to go back to the city.

Double bed and a day off

Hi peeps!

We're arrived back in Alice Springs yesterday after 3 days and 2 nights in the outback. When Daniel and I checked in at Toddy's Backpackers again we were first to our room and grabbed the double bed! Not long after our fellow tour friends - Emelie, Thibault, Alex and Victor - opened the door and filled the bunks. We had a meal with live music and a bar up town and then walked back home and fell asleep.

Will update you more later with pictures and stuff like that!

- Nastasja

Last day of September

Good afternoon! 

Lying on the sofa in the hostel whilst Daniel is making some noodles. "Luckily" gluten allergy is more common here than I expected and the shelf with gluten free products at the supermarket is bigger here than at ICA. 

I realized while I was re-packing my rucksack that (my cousin) Jodie has an Australian number and I have loads of credit to use, so I gave her a call. It was so much fun catching up! We will see her when we get to Sydney! 

We might go to a bar later and listen to some live music. Got an early start tomorrow with our flight to Alice Springs. Can not wait to go on the Rock Tour and visit Uluru, Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta. We'll see if I can handle my immense fear for spiders whilst sleeping in the outback....

- Nastasja

iPhone picture bomb

Daniel on the tram on the way to Glenelg - the beachy part of Adelaide. 
We were picked up by my grandmother's sister and her husband for lunch in Port Adelaide. They treated us to a lovely lunch at the restaurant you can see in the third picture. We're up in a light house taking these photos. 
At the craziest two-storey Sunday market. I would have loved some of the kitchen stuff and old books from there. 
The light house. 
A different kind of latte - a piccolo. Same amount of coffee but less milk. According to the guy selling it, ha. 

Just a perfect warm evening spent in Glenelg. We had shorts all day and are expecting 31 degrees tomorrow too! 

- Nastasja

From Waymouth Street to Wakefield Street

After another snoring wakeup call at 5am, I got up. Daniel had a rough night with hardly any sleep as well, and was watching films to try and fall asleep.

Before checkout we ate breakfast with the two German girls in our room, Noreen and Louise, and the Italian guy, Alberto, we met yesterday at the hostel. After we'd packed everything we walked aaaalllll the way between Waymouth and Wakefield - not a long distance unless you are carrying two heavy backpacks and other stuff. So, we're spending two nights at Backpack Oz (where Julia and I stayed two years ago) and are waiting for check-in. We're staying in a 12-bed dorm. Wonder if there are any snorers there? At 12.30 we're meeting my nan's sister and her husband in Glenelg, by the sea, for lunch. 

It's supposed to be 27 degrees today, wohooooo!

- Nastasja

Still alive!

We've just bought ourselves membership cards for $2 each (~12kr) at an Internet cafe called Peterpans; we can then use them in all the Peterpan cafes in Australia. The wifi is too expensive at the hostel so we've just used whatever has been free on the streets.
Yesterday we wanted to go to Gorge Wildlife Park but the only way of getting there was through a privatised guided tour which we didn't want. We were adviced to visit Cleland Wildlife Park instead so we hopped on a bus and got off at a small.... town? village? called Crafers. It reminded me so much of Marback, except it was about 1/4 of its size, haha. What they didn't tell us in town was that there only were two busses from Crafers to the wildlife park so we had two hours to kill before the next bus. We drank a pale ale each at the pub (of course there was a pub!) and then ate a massive burger at the coffee shop across the road.
It was bloody freezing at the park but the animals were lovely to see. We fed kangaroos, patted a koala (that's the best thing with Gorge Wildlife Park - the koala hold is free, at this place it was $30) and just enjoyed a day out. After a long bus trip back to the hostel we were so happy to see that our bags had arrived! Yesterday's shower was the best ever. After a meal consisting of chipolates and mash I was shattered and fell asleep.
We're sharing our dorm with two German girls that are really nice, the third German girl left this morning. The final residant is an Indian guy who SNORES so loud that none but one of the other girls could sleep the first night. I have never heard such a noise in my life!
We're off to find Australian sim cards today and are going to book our last two nights before we leave for Alice Springs on Tuesday morning for our 3 day and 2 night Rock Tour.
- Nastasja

A coffee in Adelaide

 Vi landade i Adelaide i morse och som vi nästan förväntat oss var inte väskorna med. Vi hoppas att de trillar in senast lördag på hostelet. Åt en sushilunch på en av de många food courtsen som finns här. Svinott och billigt! Har tagit en vända på stan och utnyttjar nu gratis wifi på en uteservering. Ska handla lite basicmat och sen promenera tillbaks till vårt första boende. 

Soligt är det med!

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