We made it to Cairns! Now we've done our final stretch by Greyhound bus. All the way from Sydney to Cairns and before that we did Alice Springs to Sydney. Biiiig distances. 

We couldn't check in for three hours so we walked around until we found sushi - we haven't had any since Byron Bay which is forever ago. Next door was a Swedish café that served everything from skagenröra to pick n mix sweets (lösgodis). They also sold KAVIAR and loads of other goodies. No purchases though. We went on and shared a latte instead. 

Got our room and then booked our Cape Tribulation trip for Friday to Saturday. Can not wait! We then went for a stroll up and down the esplanade and checked out the new black edition GoPro+, it seemed amazing! There was a night market on in town which we also had a peek at. 

Did some basic shopping and got some panadol for my sore throat and cough. Hope I'm well enough to dive on Thursday.. Dropped the food off and went for our free hostel meal at one of the nearby restaurants/pubs. Pretty okay for not paying anything at all. 

Now: an episode of Big Bang Theory and tea. 

Postat av: Malin Aurora

Jisses så underbart!

2013-12-03 @ 18:58:40

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