Alice Springs and Coober Pedy

We had a day to kill in Alice Springs after the tour. We had free entry to the Reptile Center with our tour voucher so we went there first. We saw loads of snakes and a few other crawlies.

Meet Terry, the freshwater crocodile.
After lunch we asked the information center how long it'd take us to walk to the old telegraph station (that was the reason they built Alice Springs in the first place). She said half an hour so we started walking. We saw wild kangaroos on the way which was cool. After half an hour we saw a sign saying it was another half an hour to our destination. When we finally got there it was $9 each to get in. So we drank loads of water in the shade, got bitten by mosquitos and then walked back instead.
The next morning we got on a Greyhound bus with our German friend, Rene, who we'd met at the hostel. It took us eight hours to get to Coober Pedy and I don't think anyone of us could believe our eyes when we got there. We knew many places were underground because it is so hot there, but the town was so quiet we felt quite disconcerted. We had arrived in the opal capital of the world.
Daniel beside our bunks - 6,5m under the ground in our hostel, Radeka.
So weird.
Then we had a day to kill in Coober Pedy. Completely deserted.
At the Old Timers Mine we did a self-guided tour in the old mines. It was cool to see how it all had worked and still works.
After that very long day of nothingness really, we hopped on a Greyhound bus taking us to Adelaide during the night. It was nice to go back to the city.

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Love the white man totem poles!!

2013-10-28 @ 19:58:39

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