A re-cap

So cold the day before Christmas Eve that loads of clothes were necessary.

Christmas Day on the other hand, was so hot.

We walked to Federation square and chilled out.

We watched Elf on the big screen.

On our way home.

An interestingly curved bench.

We've eaten potato gratin and chicken.

Walked into town to shop on Boxing Day.

Watched the massive bats flying over the flat.

Spent a day at the library and had lunch at the Rooftop Bar.

On the way back from town we walked past SO many people returning from the Ashes game. Here's the queue to a pub.

Yesterday I met up with Louise and her boyfriend at the Speakeasy Bar. They treated me to a fabulous lunch - thanks again!

We went to a huge vintage basaar and looked at an incredible amount of stuff.

Only got 5 days left in Melbourne and Australia before we go to Bali. Can't believe we've got to pack and carry around our rucksacks again, haha. Time for more adventures!

- Nastasja

Postat av: Malin Aurora

Åh gud så fint!

Svar: Tack så hemskt mycket!
Nastasja Thor

2013-12-31 @ 11:06:52
URL: http://vildblommor.blogg.se/
Postat av: Johannas Retro

Ser väldigt gott & härligt ut, man behöver ju inte alltod vara hemma i kylan på vintern!
Gott nytt år :)

Svar: Det är faktiskt himla skönt att slippa kylan nu! :) gott nytt!
Nastasja Thor

2014-01-03 @ 00:18:46
URL: http://johannasretro.com

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