Camping with our Aussie friend

We met Ian at a hostel in Melbourne and got talking about the things we weren't to miss on our way up the coast. He then offered to show us around if we wanted to, when we got a bit further up. One of his tips was to climb Mount Warning - the point where Australia gets its first sunlight. When Daniel and I got to Byron Bay, we hired a car and drove to Mt. Warning, climbed it and gave Ian a call. He told us to get in touch when we wanted to hang out. So we did!

We took the Greyhound to Maroochydore where Ian picked us up. We stopped off at this cosy little place on the way to his house.

We met his lovely girlfriend Lisa and son, Taj (cutest kid ever) and planned what to do what days. We decided to go camping by a river the first day. So after an amazing chicken salad it was time for bed.

Ian had woken up early in the night and googled more things to do and found out that we could climb one of the Glass Mountains. It said on the sign - for experienced climbers. It said on the website that it was like rock climbing without ropes. So we gave it a go.

Ian, after our attempt to get up. It was so steep that we all decided not to. And it looked like it was going to rain so we'd be stuck up the top until it dried again...

Two of the other Glass Mountain.

We went to Bellthorpe National Park to do some 4WD (four-wheel driving), eat brekfast and gather some firewood. Daniel spotted a tiny scorpion that we were happy to photograph for 10 minutes, haha.
We carried on through the forest, bouncing around in the car and finally got to this little creek. We saw a goanna from a distance and then jumped into the water. We had a nice (cold) swim and after we'd got out, Ian told us that the fresh water turtles in the water actually bite, ha. 

We bought some food and Bourbon for the night and then headed to our camp spot by Obi Obi Creek. We had a few hundred (a thousand maybe?) flying foxes/massive bats in the nearby trees making a load of racket.
We set up our tent and drank some beers and then did some fishing. We didn't catch anything but it was so peaceful and nice throwing the line into the river. We also saw an amazingly blue little bird called the King Fisher flying about. We ate some biscuits and dip whilst we were waiting for our stew and just chilled. As we lit out fire the bats all came out flying over us.

We had a surprise shower come over us and moved inside to play some cards before we fell asleep.

Mine and Daniel's amazing camp bed, haha. So spoiled.

The next morning we were served egg/bacon/avocado/salad sandwiches in the sun. Best morning ever. We packed down the tent and headed to Mapleton Falls. The view was absolutely beautiful.

When we got back we had showers and then bought some tasty AND cheap fish (probably Gummie shark) and chips in Mudjimba and ate by the beach. It was so nice. We then decided we might as well go and see Noosa whilst we had a free day. It was only 20 minutes up the road. We had a nice coffee/lemonade and then strolled down the streets before we all decided that a swim and a few attempts and body surfing was in order. We walked up to the point in the National Park and admired the view. We even saw some dolphins from there!

On the way back we stopped to climb one of the big Bunyan trees. The smaller "trunks" growing from the heavy branches are there to support them. 

Back at the house Daniel and I made Swedish meatballs, mash and sauce for our lovely hosts. The next morning paradise awaited.
We took a ferry over to Great Sandy National Park and just got to this amazing beach where there were camp spots all along the dunes.

We stopped by the Red Canyon and admired the massiveness of the red sand. Here I saw my first snake track in the sand....

The view from our campsite.

How amazing is this?!

We had some brekkie sandwiches and then went swimming in the crazy sea, and also did some fishing before we headed towards Ian's favourite place in the world which we will call D.I.P.

As the sun was so strong Ian introduced us to the zink stick. It's way better then sunscreen as it doesn't come off as easy and protects more. It comes in different colours, but we mostly went with white - but note Daniel's pink ears!

In paradise. Here we gave surfing a go on the tiny to non-existing waves and just had a lovely day. We ate chicken sandwiches and then drove to Rainbow Beach down the "road" to buy some beer. 
The gang!

On the way back from Rainbow Beach I got to drive a little bit. Everything was on the wrong side, but it went pretty good! We did some fishing attempts before we retreated back to the camp to chill. We had some sweet corn and chicken soup and then strolled on the beach stargazing. We went to bed at 8pm and was then awoken by Daniel trying the get out through the tent wall (after a few beers)....

The next morning I got up at 5am to witness the sunrise over the water. We drove to a nearby camping area and used proper toilettes and had some breakfast before we went for a walk down to Fresh Water lake. We walked back and then drove to D.I.P to just sunbath and swim for 6 hours until the tide went down.
So happy to be right there. We had more lovely chicken sanwiches for lunch and then headed back to the campsite to pack up and gather some of the rubbish people had left behind. We even picked up a smelly old bucket covered in seashells to throw on the way back. We gave the car a good old wash and pumped up the tires. We saw the biggest kangaroo bull yet and Daniel said it was waaay taller than him when it stood up to look at him.

A brush (more commonly called bush) turkey surfing outside.

We made even more meatballs, mash and sauce and had spaghetti boulognese too!
The next morning we booked up our next few stops and then went for a swim. Daniel and I stopped at a cafe and had a latte and wrote about 9 pages in our travel diaries. In the evening we had some lovely chicken parma for tea and just made sure we had everything packed for the next day.
The morning of our departure we all went to Woomoolobar (spelling?) to have breakfast and walk on the beach before we caught our Greyhound to Rainbow Beach.
- To Ian, Lisa and Taj -
The whole week was an amazing experience and we just want to say thank you again, so much, for having us and showing us all the beautiful places. Whenever you're in Sweden, guys, you are so welcome!


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