21 oktober

We're at Melbourne's State Library using the internet and just making time pass as we don't leave with our Greyhound bus until tonight at 8pm. It'll take us about 12,5h but we'll be asleep most of it (hopefully) and it'll save us a night at a hostel. We're staying somewhere on Darlinghurst Road, wherever that is, and then we probably will be crashing at my cousin Jodie's for a few days. Can not wait to see her! We've been reading up a bit on the bush fires that are close to Sydney and are making sure we're not in danger.
- Nastasja

Postat av: Höns Mor

Hej! som vanligt lite orolig , skönt o höra att Ni har det bra! här skulle det bli snö säger de :( Puss o kram Love You !

2013-10-21 @ 09:04:49

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