Amazing experience at K.I.

We went to Kangaroo Island yesterday and really had no idea what the intinerary was. But we soon found out we were going to be seeing Australien sea lions up close from the beach. Our sea lion guide, Ron, told us that the pups (babies) were just starting to enter the beach and sometimes, though very rarely, they'll be curious enough to come up to humans. If so, we had to stand completely still.

And then it happened. A little pup came hopping/crawling/walking up to us and then got onto mine and Daniel's feet. It sniffed our shoes for a bit and then moved on.

Ron said we were two of maybe twenty-something people it happens two ever year (out of over 100 000 visitors). We were definitely the first this year.

We named him Toby Ron!

- Nastasja

Postat av: Krista

Wow, that's Amazing!!

Svar: The best thing ever! :D
Nastasja Thor

2013-10-11 @ 08:18:59
Postat av: Smoer

Why Toby?

Svar: Bara kolla på han, en klassisk Toby rakt ut i skäggspetsen
Nastasja Thor

2013-10-11 @ 15:37:09
Postat av: höns Mor

ojoj vilken fotsvett ni måste haft :o) Oj , Jag trodde att Vi upplevt en del , men inte en bråkdel av vad Ni får uppleva nu , va rädda om Er Puss o Kram Love You !

Svar: Haha ja du skulle bara veta vad våra fötter utsöndrar lukt av :P pusskram
Nastasja Thor

2013-10-11 @ 17:55:30
Postat av: Cheyenne

Men what!?! Shit vad ballt. :D x

2013-10-11 @ 22:18:57
Postat av: Mumsy

How cute ... Wonderful experience.
More to come x

2013-10-12 @ 16:57:56

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