A trip to places around Ubud

We met taxi driver Ketut on the street and payed him 400 000rp for the day to take us to five different places. First off was the NEKA Art Museum.

The door frames everywhere are SO beautiful, and the barong statue is super cool.

After that we went to a coffee farm. I was impressed by the plants and that, but the way they kept the animals was not nice.

Coffee beans.

The Luwak - an animal related to the cat family. In the wild it lives in trees and is nocturnal.

Fresh ginger.

Not being able to sleep thanks to all of us visitors walking around stressing them out :(

We asked what they used the bats for. "Pets", our guide said.

The coffee.

So the luwak chooses the best coffee beans and swallows them whole. An enzyme in their intestines breaks down the caffeine. They then poo them out and the people gather them.

They are washed and peeled by hand.

Then washed again and peeled a second time.

Then they are roasted for a few hours.

Then they are ground to powder by hand in a big pestle and morter.

We saw the biggest spider so far on our travels.

Coffee and rea tasting. We also bought a cup of luwak coffee which was nice.

After that we went on to see some wood carving.

Pretty impressive stuff.

The handcrafting in Bali is amazing. Stuff made out of stone and wood everywhere! They built a restaurant next to our hotel in Sanur in like four days.

After that we went to Goa Ganjah - the Elephant Cave.

Mainly to see the big Barong carved into the stone above the entrance, to scare away evil spirits.


We finished off the day by going to Agung Rai, or more known as ARMA, another museum.

This painting was my favourite.

And when we walked closer we could see why painting looked so alive. The texture was so cool.

The atmosphere and environment round the museum was beautiful too.

- Nastasja


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