Caraway Cooking Class in Sanur

At the food market.

Chillies everywhere.

Dried fish that didn't taste nice.

Deep-fried banana, jack fruit and sweet potato.


Tuna wrapped in a banana leaf with lemon grass, a kaffir lime leaf and curry.

Making one curry base.

Here's another.

Sate = meat/chicken/fish on skewers. These are chicken marinated in sweet soy sauce.

We made the spring roll wrappers from scratch. Here daniel is painting the thin pan with the mixture.

Let it set on the heat and when it bubbles, turn it onto a flat surface and fill, fold and roll.

Like so.

Grating some kind of green vegetable or grass for the colouring.

(In the white bowl). Poured into the pancake mixture. we then filled the pancakes with grated coconut and palmsugar (something for you to try Aunty Lima!).

We also made peanut sauce from scratch, chopped vegetables and stuff.

The view from  our balcony when we were in Sanur. 

Postat av: Mumsy

Can't wait to try some food when you get back Stars xx

2014-01-22 @ 21:30:44

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