Rugby - day one

A few weeks ago we started off our trip to England with a shrimp ceaser salad at Landvetter aiport. Yum yum!

We arrived at my Grandmother's flat and ate tea and chatted before we went to bed. When we got up the next morning we were served breakfast (Cumberland sausages, egg, bacon, and for me - beans and tomatoes, for Daniel - toast). Tea with a little milk jug to go with it.
It was in the town of Rugby where my mum and her siblings grew up, that the sport rugby football was created by William Webb Ellis. He attended Rugby School, one of England's most prestigious schools where people like the author of Alice in Wonderland, C.S Lewis also went. When Webb Ellis was playing football he picked up the ball and ran with it - from there rugby was invented.
We visited the museum and the Webb Ellis rugby shop where they make the balls in the building. 
The shop a few doors down, the Rugby Tap, had a fun selection of beers and for those who like it - whisky.
In all the years I have visited I have never taken any photos of the buildings. And they really are so lovely. 
Daniel pointed out to me that they put these spikes on lamps like this to keep the birds from sitting on them. Just a bit harsh....
The classic food wagons. Jacket potatoes (bakpotatis) with all the trimmings, or burgers and sausages in the other. Woop!
My beloved travel companion.
Everywhere was so green and the flowers were everywhere.
We spent many minutes in the Poundland shops around the area - everything is 99 pence (~10kr), haha.
We had lunch at the little café in Caldecott Park. Cheap as chips. 
The town centre. The clock tower.
We peeked about in most of the charity shops. Everything is so cheap there!
More red brick <3
And chimneys.
On the way to Aunty Eve's house we stumbled upon a graveyard with war graves.
A group of Rugby School students in their uniforms. 
The beautiful trees on Richmond Road.
There are more pictures to come!
- Nastasja


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