Rugby, Leamington and a few other places

The fields in England are a nice change for the eyes as so much of the country is built up.
We spent a few nights at the Merchant drinking red wine.
Most of the time we had blue skies and sun. This is one of the two main streets in town, Sheep Street.
On the bus to Leamington we passed a few thatch roof houses. Cute!
Lovely weather in Leamington.
Just as we got off the bus we bumped into Earlsdon Morris - they dance with clogs (träskor)!
More majestetic stone buildings.
For lunch we went to Wetherspoons. I ate the chicken tikka masala which was a dream.
Daniel ate ribs (haha, no surprise).
Houses by the river running through Jephson Gardens.
Back in Rugby in the evening as the sun was setting.
After Rugby and our day trips to Leamington, Coventry and Birmingham we took the train up to Crewe. Our lovely family friends, Patrick and Monica, graciously let us stay in their house in Nantwich. 
We had a few drinks when we arrived. The next day we spent in Manchester before our AMAZING meal the same evening. The following day we took the train down to Birmingham again and flew home in a mini-plane (with BMI).
A lovely trip.
- Nastasja

Postat av: Malin Aurora

Gud så fint!

2014-04-17 @ 16:55:57

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